“We built a very positive thing ... what we are doing has always been good and followed through well, and so we’ve been able to develop that and become a really strong presence here in this community...



“Per week we have approximately 150 to 200 hundred people who pass through these doors; some classes are primarily foreigners that attend  and some classes are primarily Costa Ricans so it’s a nice kind of community mix, in that I never set out  that this is just for foreigners or something just for the locals, for EVERYONE.”



- Wisdom Radio interview with Tina Newton

Su Espacio is the community center located in Atenas, Costa Rica, the “greenest and happiest country in the world,” according to the Happy Planet Index

Atenas, said to be recognized by National Geographic as having the “Best Climate in the World,” is located less than an hour from San José and the Pacific coast and only 30 minutes from the airport.

What we offer:

· Volunteer opportunities

· Placements for home-stays

· Dance, karate, fitness, and music classes

· English, Spanish, and Italian classes

· Help buying or renting a house, and finding suitable schools.

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Su Espacio

En frente de la bomba Coopeatenas

Atenas, Alajuela 20501



Contact information:

Teléfono: 011-506-2446-7735

Correo: info@suespacio.org


We’re located on the main road, right across the street from the gas station, Coopeatenas.